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Pugnax Pegermoan
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NamePugnax Pegermoan
Size25 Gallons
Inhabitants6 @ Betta pugnax
FiltrationWhisper 20 (or comparable), Hydrosponge 1, double stacked.
Lighting24" fixture, 20w 5500K T-8
Temperature~82F (150w Ebo/Jaeger heater)
DecorLocal Driftwood, Boiled Oak Leaves, some Granite rubble, Split flowerpots
From aussieJJDude on 08/03/13
Wow, awesome tank! Love all the greenery!
From tophat665 on 02/11/09
Pick 'em, Boil 'em, put them in the tank. Siphon them out and replace when they start to break down.
From Tyyrlym on 02/11/09
The flowerpots look very nice as a decoration in large numbers. Boiled oak leaves, anything special to use them?
From aunt kymmie on 01/21/09
Love the boiled oak leaves..clever!
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