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Malawi Mbuna (she wouldn't let me have pirranah)
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NameMalawi Mbuna (she wouldn't let me have pirranah)
Size125 Gallons
InhabitantsYellow Labs
Yellow Tail Acei
Snow White Socolofi
FiltrationFluval 405
(2) 290gph powerheads w/sponged intakes
Lighting(1) Actinic
(1) Powerglo
DecorTexas Holey Rock
River Rock
Wisteria (for water quality)
Accessories(2) 250w heaters
FoodHBH Spirulina flake
From aussieJJDude on 07/20/13
Wow, your tank is so vibrant! :) love it!
From willow on 11/05/11
your tank is beautiful,clear,and the colours of the fish are so bright and vibrant,well done.
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