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Arroyo de los Latigos
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NameArroyo de los Latigos
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size25 Gallons
Inhabitants~ 50 @ Rineloricaria eigenmanni fry from 4 Spawns, ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2"
FiltrationHydrosponge 1
Lighting24" Strip w/ 8000K 20 Watt T-8
Temperature~80F (50 watt HOT heater)
DecorJava moss for infusoria production. Brazillian pennywort for nitrate sponging action.
FoodTwice Daily: microworms, frozen rotifers, baby brine, dapnhia, cyclopeze powder
Daily: 1 1/2 spirulina tablet.
From tophat665 on 02/27/09
Thanks! I put the C. metae in their own 10 gallon and upgraded this one to a 25. The oldest of the whiptails are about an inch and a half long now (and I can get BAP points for them on March 22nd) and I just fished out a dozen from a new spawn in Rio Sala last night.
From Kim on 02/27/09
You're fry are so cute!
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