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Size6 Gallons
Inhabitants3 @ Carinotetraodon travancoricus (1m, 2f), 3 ghost shrimp
FiltrationDuetto 50
Lighting23 watt 5500K Spiral fluorescent in a desk lamp
Temperature~80F (25 watt heater)
DecorPetrified wood, play sand, tiger-eye, Java Moss, Cryptocoryne becketti, C. Wendtii, Hydrocotyl brasiliensis, Ludewegia repens, Saggitaria subulata, snail shells. (Need to put a background on this)
FoodDaily: Bloodworms, Mysis, Spirulina Brine, or Live Brine, Blackworms, or Pond Snails.
From tophat665 on 03/19/10
Christina, that's Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyl brasiliensis). It can be grown as a stem, floating, or weighted to the substrate as groundcover. Yes, those are roots growing off the leaves.
From christina l k on 03/19/10
hey thats a neat plant across the top are those leaves sprouting roots?
From Kim on 03/06/09
Beautiful tank!! I love the way it looks so natural :)
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