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65 ~ Gallon
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Name65 ~ Gallon
Size65 Gallons
FertilizerEco Complete Gravel
Inhabitants2 Angelfish
3 Gourami's ~ 1 Pearl ~ 1 Blue ~ 1 Opaline
1 Featherfin Catfish
1 Albino Bushy Nose Pleco
1 Reedfish/Ropefish
FiltrationMarineland Penguin 300
Marineland Heater 250 watt
Temperature80-82 F
DecorAssortment of live plants
FoodFrozen bloodworms
Flakes & Crisps
Sun Dried Brine Shrimp
Sinking Shrimp Pellets
New Life Spectrum sinking wafers (suppose to be for the catfish but the rest of the fish seem to like them a lot more lol)

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