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Cichlid Rock (10 gallon)
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NameCichlid Rock (10 gallon)
Ownersmall fry
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 (neon) Jewel Cichlid - hemichromis bimeculatus
FiltrationTetra 5-15 (2nd generation)
LightingAqua Culture Hood
Temperature80 degrees
Decorbig cave like rock, fake plant, fake stump
Accessories50W heater, thermometer.
FoodHikari mini-sized staple, Hikari Gold baby-sized staple, Wardley Cichlid Flakes.
From small fry on 12/01/12
The Black and Blue Cichlid is a juvie Demasoni Cichlid (Pseudotropheus demasoni). :)
From RackinRocky on 12/01/12
Oh my gosh, how CUTE is that? Is the black and blue one a conict? Its beautiful!
From small fry on 05/29/12
That was a temp tank. Got them a 55 gallon tank, and more fishies, I just havent had time to update pictures.
From Assault0137 on 05/29/12
needs a bigger tank
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