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Community Tank (WIP)
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NameCommunity Tank (WIP)
Size30 Gallons
6 Lemon Tetras
6 Young German Blue Rams
1 Neon Tetras
5 Albino Neon Tetras
6 Cories (2 Albino, Two Spotted, Two Black/white)
1 Female Betta
2 Hatchetfish
Cabomba (2 individual sprigs)
Amazon sword (2)
Java Moss
Java Fern
Singapore Moss
Tiger Val
Val (?)
Val (?)
Small Anubias
Sunset Hygro
Hygro (?)
FiltrationAquaclear 50
Lighting1 8 Watt CFL 6500K
1 26 watt CFL 6500K
Temperature79 degrees
DecorLive plants and driftwood
FoodTropical Flakes, betta pellets, freeze dried blood worms
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