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The Loach Motel
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NameThe Loach Motel
Size50 Gallons
Inhabitants6 @ Yahusikohita sidthimunki, 8 @ Botia kubotai, 2 @ Misgurnis mizolepis, 1 @ M. anguillicadatus "Gold", Ancistrus cf cirrhosus, 8 @ Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae
FiltrationEheim 2217, Magnum 350
LightingJBJ 192 watt fixture w/ 2 x 96 watt lamps (one in desperate need of replacement)
Temperature~77 F
DecorHygrophilia polysperma, Saggitaria subulata, Cryptocoryne parva, C. wendtii "red", Java Moss, Java Fern, Ozelot Sword, Kleiner-Barr Sword, Nymphea stellata, Lobelia cardinalus, Moss covered slates cover halved flowerpots. Driftwood attached to slates.
From tophat665 on 10/27/09
Mitch, You shouldn't be. It goes straight to pot with the BBA if I let up on dosing excel daily. I have redone this tank yet again along Diane Walstad's recipe, and I'll be getting some revised pix up here sooner or later
From MoneyMitch on 10/27/09
suprised you have all that light and no c02 and the plants are doing so great.
From finsNfur on 02/21/09
Very pretty, and so natural-looking.
From Amphitrite on 01/24/09
Beautiful looking tank, I love the effect of the java moss.
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