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BioHaven's 20g
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NameBioHaven's 20g
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerRoot tabs, Nutrifin "Plant-Gro" and fish waste! :)
- 7 Neon
- 3 Glo-lite
- 4 Skirts

- 2 Sparkling/Pigmy

"Clean-up crew":
- 2 Julii Corys
- 2 Otto Cats
- 2 Japonica Shrimp
- 1 Bamboo Shrimp
- 1 Sailfin Pleco

- Silver Lyretail Mollie and 1 Fry
- Neon Swordtail
FiltrationAqueon QuietFlow 30 with custom media: Fluval foam, Chemi-pure carbon and API Nitrite absorber
Lighting(4) 20 watt Halogens
DecorSand colored gravel large and small, African hardwood

Live Plants:
- Amazon Swords
- Cryptocoryne (Wendtii)
- 1 Red Rubin
- Christmas Tree Moss
Accessories- Aqueon 150w heater
- DIY blue moonlight
FoodDried (Hikari only): Micro Wafers, Tubifex Worms, Blood Worms, Micro Pellets, Sinking Wafers and Algea Wafers (alternating the menu slightly every day)

Fresh veggies: Cucumbers for the Pleco. The mollies pick at it too.

Live: soon

Frozen: soon
From BioHaven on 02/08/12
thanks :)
From ReefTrooper on 02/08/12
nice tank!! you sure do look after it well :)
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