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Betta/ shrimp tank
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NameBetta/ shrimp tank
OwnerChopstick Chick
Size5 Gallons
InhabitantsWill be housing 1 male betta, and hopefully 2 or 3 ghost shrimp.
FiltrationIt is a whisper filter. I believe an EX 10, but I am not 100%
LightingIt is a small compact flourescent bulb. I'm not sure of the wattage.
Temperaturebetween 24-26 degrees C.
(74- 79 degrees F)
DecorFake plants, loose gravel, 1 small cave, 1 large cave. Soon to be 3 live marimo algea balls as wel.
AccessoriesAquaclear 5 air pump, flexible soft air tubing, a reverse flow valve and small air stone. Hopeing to add a valve soon to control air flow without a twist tie.
FoodWill be trying out gelled bloodworms and brin shrimp for my betta, mixed in with a flake or soaked pellet diet.
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
Your betta looks amazing
From finsNfur on 09/24/11
That is cute! Hopefully the betta doesn't bother the shrimp.
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