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The Downtown Condo
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NameThe Downtown Condo
Size27 Gallons
InhabitantsCorydoras aeneus (1)
Hoplosternum littorale (1)
Corydoras concolor (1)
Corydoras schwartzi (3)
Corydoras panda (2)
FiltrationAquaClear 300 (now called AquaClear 70)
LightingIncandescent Solar Series 2 25 watt bulbs
Temperature25 to 26C (78F)
DecorSubstrate: Black Sand aka Black Slag and a few coloured pebbles
Accessories1 Anubias
3 small Frog Bit (still trying to figure out which one. Pretty sure it's Amazon or European)
1 Marimo Moss Ball (Cladophora ball)

(Building towards a fully planted tank)
FoodSera San: Color and Growth Enhancing Food (Flake)
Omega One Natural Protein formula: Freshwater flakes
Hikari Sinking Wafers
Sally's Red Mosquito Larvae (Blood worms)
From mydogdory on 12/04/14
From SinCrisis on 11/15/10
aww, you hand feed? How did you do that? Mine never eat from me.
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