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75g Planted
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Name75g Planted
Size75 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY
FertilizerKent Liquid/ Fertilizer sticks
Inhabitants-5 gold angelfish
-6 Corydoras
-1 Clown Pleco
FiltrationSun Sun 303-A
Lighting4x Bulb T5 HO w/ LED moonlighting
only using 2x10000k bulbs
Temperature82 degrees
DecorJava Fern
Rotala Inidica
Anubias Nana
Amazon Sword
AccessoriesUV Sterilizer
2x 200 watt heaters
FoodFrozen Blood Worms
Frozen Brine Shrimp
Flakes w/ color enhancement
Algae Wafer
From Tikibirds on 06/20/12
why cant my tank look like that
From Jayy on 02/27/12
very nice
From angella on 01/08/12
Gorgeous aquascape! :) Your angels look great!
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