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45 gallon tall
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Name45 gallon tall
Size45 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY
Fertilizerflourish comprehensive plant supplement
Inhabitants13 rasbora espei, 8 cherry barbs, 7 cardinal tetras, powder blue dwarf gourami, 8 amano shrimp
Filtration305 fluval canister
Lighting2x24watt HO solar T5; 67k and 10k bulbs
Temperature82 F
Decorrotala, java fern, cobomba, dwarf hairgrass,
assorted driftwood,
Accessoriesmazijet 400 powerhead,aquatic gardens 150 watt heater
Foodvegetable flake, frozen brine shrimp, freeze dried blood worms
From RobertTheFish on 07/18/13
Bookmarked. Please PM me if you have any notes or specs on that base. I can make them solid, but I have issues with completing the "pretty" part. Looks AWESOME!
From finsNfur on 09/27/11
That's really beautiful!
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