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First adopted
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NameFirst adopted
Size20 Gallons
C02 SystemNo
Fertilizernone at present
Inhabitants4 x Peppered Corys 3 Ė 5cm
4 x ancistrus 4 Ė 6cm
1 x yoyo loach 5cm Ė I assume itís a yoyo, but it seems a more yellow/pinky colour than most of the pics Iíve seen. Isnít eating many snails by the look of it.
1 x gold gourami 6cm Ė assume female. Seems very docile Ė havenít ever seen it nip or chase any other fish. Spends most time mid to top
1 x silver tipped tetra
Snails (removing by hand)
FiltrationFluval U2
Lighting11W Nano light
Temperature20 Celsius
Decorplants, driftwood
FoodSera Vipan, zucchini, frozen bloodworm
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