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Size17 Gallons
Inhabitants3 harlequin rosbora
1 female galaxy blue platy
1 female sunset mickey mouse platy
1 male two tone red and blue platy
1 male red gold platy
1 Female red wag platy
1 Female Sunset platy
1 Male white twin bar platy
1 Female Hawaiian platy
2 platy fry
Lighting1x 40w desk lamp
DecorDark Brown small gravel
3 Large rocks in centre
Accessories1 bunch of ambrulia
1 unknown plant
1 large java fern on a small piece of driftwood

3 plants i dont know
FoodTropical flakes and frozen bloodworms
From Pisces47 on 09/12/11
Love your work!!
From finsNfur on 09/10/11
Nice, I love the rocks!
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