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Betta Vase
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NameBetta Vase
Size1 Gallons
InhabitantsMale Betta
FoodBetta pellets
From Assault0137 on 05/28/12
he needs a new TANK.
From GwenInNM on 03/07/12
It looks like his mouth is open. Is he yelling, "Get me out of this vase!" LOL
From Zappity on 11/22/11
PLEASE get a bigger tank. At least 2.5 gallons. A bowl or an actual tank is better than a vase.
From konstargirl on 06/16/10
Please get a bigger tank. At least 2.5 gallons or larger will be a good home for him.
From konstargirl on 06/16/10
From Xiles on 10/06/09
Vases really aren't good for bettas ... You should get him a bigger tank if possible. He's very pretty though.
From doggyhog on 07/04/09
I would try and get him a bigger vase.... He is BEAUTIFUL though!!!
From ThalesthePearsei on 02/27/09
you should add a little plant for him to hide in if you cant get him a bigger environment.It will make him more comfortable.
From finsNfur on 02/17/09
Stunning colors! I agree though, you should find a bigger vase. Great idea for a betta home.
From veganchick on 02/16/09
Cool looking, He'd probably prefer a bigger home with more surface area if you can afford it tho.
From Neah84 on 01/27/09
Love the vase Idea. Totally gotta tell my sister to do that.
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