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30g Long
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Name30g Long
OwnerCpt NAPA
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants3xmarble angels
5xpristilla tetras
5xserpae tetras
3xpanda corys
3xalbino corys
Filtrationunder gravel with 2 airstone lifts
penguin hob power filter
Lighting1x24inch hagen aqua glo
1x24inch hagen sun glo
Temperature78 C
Decorwater sprite
Crypt. wendtii red
Hygro corymbosa siamensis
H. polysperma "rosanervig"
Accessoriesfake resin driftwood
ceramic arch (soon to leave)
Foodtetramin staple flake
Hykari mini bites
frozen bloodworms
blackworms (tubifex)
From aussieJJDude on 07/20/13
Wow, those angels look like angels :) Such a cute tank :)
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