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55 gallon indoor tank
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Name55 gallon indoor tank
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemYes
FertilizerSeachem/DIY potassium, Seachem nitrogen and Seachem phosphorus once a week. Occasionally, add Seachem flourish.
InhabitantsCherry barbs, black neon tetras, ember tetras, siamese algae eaters, ottos, pristella tetras, kribensis, kuhli loaches, harlequin rasboras and only one yellow phantom tetra.
FiltrationEheim 2215
Lighting4 X 36 watt Philips PLL although the lighting sets are from Aqua Zonic and Dymax.
Temperature28 degree Celsius with fans.
DecorDriftwood, rocks and plants. The plants are subwassertang, cryptocoryne wendtii, sagitaria subulata, vallisneria spiralis, cryptocoryne spiralis, cryptocoryne balansae, cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, anubias nana and stunted bolbitis
AccessoriesLighting sets, CO2 system, DIY lily pipe, surface skimmer, filter and ceramic diffuser.
FoodTetrabits, frozen blood worms and occasionally Momizi Tropical.
From aussieJJDude on 01/18/13
Is it just me, but i looks like theres too much fish in there? But great setup, love the plants!
From aussieJJDude on 01/18/13
From eug on 10/05/12
looks amazing, congrats.
From Kim on 05/15/12
Beautiful tank!!! The aquascaping is stunning!
From rhymon78 on 05/13/12
awesome aquarium!! love all that greenery around the wood! good job!
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