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15 gallon indoor lemon tetras semi-NPT
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Name15 gallon indoor lemon tetras semi-NPT
Size15 Gallons
C02 SystemYes
FertilizerSeachem/DIY potassium, Seachem nitrogen and Seachem phosphorus once a week. Occasionally, add Seachem flourish.
InhabitantsLemon tetras.
FiltrationEheim HOB filter.
Lighting2 X 15 watt T5 florescent.
Temperature28 degree Celsius with a fan.
DecorDriftwood and plants. Plants are Java fern, Japanese hairgrass, anubias nana and cryptocoryne wendtii.
AccessoriesCO2 syetem, ceramic diffuser, lighting set and filter.
FoodTetrabits, frozen worms and occasionally Momizi Tropical.
From totziens on 01/17/14
Yes, they are definitely prety and under rated. I still keep them in the same tank after close to a decade?? (I have lost track of the years)
From brownmane on 01/17/14
Aren't lemon tetras a pretty fish? I have 7 in a 20 gal with 5 corys. I've had them for 4 years now.
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