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Size125 Gallons
InhabitantsAssortment of Cichlids; ,1Labeotropheus Fuelleborni, 1 Electric Yellow, 1 Snow White, 1 Elec Blue, 2 Red Shoulder, 1 German Red, 1 Compressor, 1 Parrot, 1 Strawberry, 1 Blue Dolphin, 3 OB Peacocks, 1 Venustus, 1 Dragons Blood, 1 unidentified, 3 Cukoo Cats, 1 silver cat, 1 Pleco
FiltrationFluval FX5
Lighting4 x 55W Compacts in a Jebo Fixture, 2 white bulbs 2 blue bulbs
Decorfake tree and real rock
FoodPellets, occasional Froz blood worms/Shrimps as a treat
From MIFishGuy on 02/21/14
Beautiful. I love the gravel "mountain" in the middle and the rock caves. Very nice aquascaping.
From bayhay69 on 01/12/13
YOUR TANK IS BEAUTIFUL !!!! When I pass on, I would love to come back as one of your Cichlids !!
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