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Hybridization Chamber
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NameHybridization Chamber
Size36 Gallons
C02 System10Kg presurised co2 gas tank.
FertilizerTropica plant nutrition + home made NO3/PO4/K "potion" + easylife easycarbo.
Inhabitants500+ red cherry/snowball shrimps, 5 boraras brigittae, 3 neritina zebra, some assassin snails, a ton substrate snails.
FiltrationTetratec EX 700.
Lighting3 30W Osram Lumilux 865 Daylight neons.
Temperature77F(25 celsius).
DecorDriftwood and some rocks.
AccessoriesThe sponge thingy you see in the corner that is a... DIY skimmer, keeps the water crystal clear.
FoodTo many to remember, i have about 10 jars of special shrimp food and about 3 jars with fish food.
From Redknee on 12/11/10
Thanks. C02 System 10Kg presurised co2 gas tank. :) But it used to be low tech, the pic was taken when is wa still low, well low as in no co2 and very very bad ferts(ferropol). Now it is as high tech as i can get it.
From redchigh on 12/11/10
wow, gorgeous. Is it low tech? (You don't mention CO2.)
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