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Oscar's House
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NameOscar's House
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsTiger Oscar
Filtration2 Emperor 400's
LightingStandard fluorescents
DecorTree stump thing/slate rock
FoodHikari Cichlid Gold pellets, fruits and veggies.
From Busted on 07/09/12
I hate to say this but Oscar had to be re-homed as he grew much larger. I couldn't afford to upsize the tank now it is empty and just sitting here. I miss Oscar greatly, perhaps one day I can get a much larger tank and get another. I do however have plenty of marbled cray. They do lack the personality of Oscar's though.
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
OMG you feed the oscar human? your oscar looks awesome (so does the tank!)
From Coryguy01 on 05/07/12
Beautiful tank and Oscar. I love oscars but are hard to keep because of their predatory nature. Still, they are natures pets......and your tank is lovely....also love the skull :-) :-) :-)
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