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Casa Topote
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NameCasa Topote
Size20 Gallons
InhabitantsAn unknown number of Short finned mollies, Poecilia sphenops, all wild type. 2 mystery snails. 5 Corydoras sterbae (2f, 3m), and a pair of female Sunset Coral Platies (Xiphoporus cf. maculatus "Domestic").
FiltrationEmperor 220
Lighting24" strip, 20 watt 10000K T-8
Temperature~78F (75 watt heater)
DecorHygrophilia corymbosa (standard and Angustifolia), Limnophilia aquatica, Anubias barteri v. petit, Java moss, Saggitaria subulata (the lawn). Driftwood. Flowerpot cave.
FoodFlake, occasional live and frozen. Mollies eat the Limnophilia.
From Abbyapple12 on 08/10/09
I love this tank because of like the grass on the bottom very unique. pretty cool.
From Nephelie on 05/28/09
What is the grass that on the bottom of your tank? It look fabulous
From Tyyrlym on 02/06/09
I like the grass covering the bottom.
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