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The Flatback
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NameThe Flatback
Size33 Gallons
Inhabitants10 Rummy Nose Tetras (Hemmigrammus bleheri), ~5 Pepper Cories (Corydoras Paleatus), 2 Festivums (Mesonauta insignis), 1 Clown Pleco (Panaque maccus - my oldest fish)
FiltrationPenguin 350
Lighting24" 20 watt 6700K T-8
DecorNative Granite & Shale. Driftwood, Java Moss, Java Fern, Red melon sword, Cryptocoryne wendtii "bronze", Hygrophilia coymbosa angustifolia
From n2fish on 10/03/11
LOL - Love the Festivums, I had one when I was a kid. I don't see those around all that often.
From Byron on 10/14/09
A plain black or dark gray background outside the tank would do wonders to set off the fish and plants. Very nice.
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