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75 Gallon 10/2012
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Name75 Gallon 10/2012
Size75 Gallons
C02 Systemno
FertilizerSeachem Flourish 1 - 2 X/wk
Inhabitants6 Boesmani Rainbowfish 2M/3F
2 Congo Tetras 2F
2 F Neon Swordtail
1 Chinese Algae Eater
Common Pond Snails
FiltrationFluval 303 Canister
Lighting48" Two tube system, 6700K and T5.
Temperature78-80 degrees
DecorGravel, wood, rocks and pirate ship.
Nov 23,11 started my first real plants.
Feb2012 pulled 4 large plastic plants they are doing so well.
April 16, 12 fully planted Live plants only!!!
Sept 2012.Ferts 2 x a week Flourish
AccessoriesPump for extra circulation, turned off
FoodFlake, frozen blood worms, algae disks, shrimp pellets, tubiflex worms.
From willow on 03/04/15
does he watch the tank all the time ? :-)
From LaurenKK on 01/21/14
beautiful. I love the balance and distribution of "stuff" throughout
From rsskylight04 on 12/18/13
So green and healthy, very nice tank•
From DeboraBremner on 12/08/13
From Destinystar on 05/22/13
Beautiful tank !
From Canadian Fish on 11/24/12
The whole thing is great but I LOVE the giant vals!
From yyankeeyankeefan on 11/24/12
love your tank!
From Chesh on 04/21/12
Your tank is BEAUTIFUL! I love the pirate theme, and the critters look super happy there, too. You say it isn't done yet??! (well, no tank ever is, neh?!)I'll have to keep watching this unfold! Great work!
From novakovich on 04/08/11
Really nice tank. And is that a Schnauzer? We had one that passed in January and we are still so very heartbroken.
From leogtr on 02/01/11
well thats a sweet tank its got the pirate theme going on and everything very cool!!
From LasColinasCichlids on 01/18/11
Great looking tank!! I love how the dog is watching the tank in that one picture!!!
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