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Tropic world
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NameTropic world
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants2 blue gill
1 catfish
3 zebra diano
2 Buenos Aires
6 goldfish
3 banana barb(rosy)
Filtration1 Aqua Tech Filtration
LightingSome light, small night light in tank hood
DecorRocks- Big rocks, small rocks
2 Plastic plants
AccessoriesBlack background
FoodTetra Fin Goldfish Flakes

Wardley Goldfish flakes
From FishyFishy89 on 01/05/13
Remove the goldies! Your 10 gal is much too small for those goldies bio load/the size they can reach. 6 goldies will be comfortable in a atleast 55 gallons(min).
From Surfingshelll on 06/19/12
Pretty fish!
From InsaneIchthyology on 05/19/12
WOAH. 6 goldfish in a 10 gal? That's a rather bad idea...
From aquaguppyfry on 05/16/11
see this is the size tank you neeed for your guppies but the temature needs to be about like 80 85
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