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First Aquariam
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NameFirst Aquariam
Size48 Gallons
Inhabitants I have my 1 Blue Gourami with my 1 Pearl Gouramia and Gold Gourami and a refire gourami, next in line I added 1 Angelfish. Then I Introduced my one Electric Yellow Cichlids, the toothnose Pleco, and 2 Bala Sharks and last but not least my 2 fairwella catfish.
FiltrationFluval 305
LightingPower Glow
Decorlots of hiding places, fake plants, stones
Accessoriesdouble outlet airpump, with two airstones
FoodBlood worms, Brine Shrimp, and flakes, and algae pellets for the pleco because of the new tank enviroment
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