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Fourth Breeder
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NameFourth Breeder
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Neolamrologus brevis
FiltrationHydrosponge 1, Old small penguin filter, about a whisper20 equivalent.
LightingShares a 48" strip with 3 other tanks
DecorA dozen small Murex shells, Three Whale Eyes, java moss, big pile of crushed coral in one corner of the tank.
From Olvidada on 04/14/14
A pretty day care for those babies! Love it
From Michele1528 on 12/02/11
Nice! Very different from other tanks I've seen. Yeah a nice background pic would bring things out more...smiles!
From eileen on 06/10/10
Those chells you put in the tank are neat. I see a fish inside. Good place for the fish to hide or hang out. If you put a black background it will make your live plants and sand look really good. I have a small 10 gal. tank with pool filter sand and live plants and baby blk. moscow guppies in it.
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