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The Gringos take Tanganyika
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NameThe Gringos take Tanganyika
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants~12 Lamprologus multifasciatus, 1 male & 3 female Red Velvet Swortails (Xiphophorus helleri)
FiltrationWhisper 30 with sponges and an old Penguin 1 without the biowheel, but full of crushed coral.
Lighting55 w 6700K CF
DecorLocal yellow quartzite, a dozen small to medium Whelk shells, Vallisnera americana, Java moss, Java Fern.
From Clubber on 07/20/11
Great set up! Love the tall vals and swordtails alot.
From tophat665 on 03/01/09
Course, Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L in Photoshop really makes the colors pop, but no more so than in real life. ;-)
From tophat665 on 03/01/09
The missus tutors the kids of a fellow who keeps a 75 gallon tank with Half Black Delta Tail Guppies and these gorgeous red velvet swords. Every couple of months he nets out and had been burying in his garden a half pound or so of them. I gave him some cories and now he gives his culls to me to feed to my Bushfish, and I kept out some of the best.
From willow on 03/01/09
the brightness of the fish is stunningly gorgeous.
From tophat665 on 02/13/09
Hiding behind a patina of green spot algae at the moment. :-S. Actually, I have that licked. Might could get some up this weekend.
From aunt kymmie on 02/13/09
pics, pics, where are the pics??
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