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All Buns Glazing
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NameAll Buns Glazing
OwnerAll Buns Glazing
Size54 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Black Phantom Tetras
4 Male Guppies
2 Panda Cories
FiltrationJuwel BioFlow Mini 280 L/hour
Lighting1 x 15 Watt T8 tube
TemperatureTry to keep it at 26, but the summer is making it difficult.
DecorA stone and a terracotta cave. Stone will be covered with java moss is the long term goal with it.
FoodQuality Flake and Frozen Blood Worms
From Assault0137 on 09/18/12
look at those glazed buns... shiny...
From finsNfur on 02/06/12
Very nice! It seems smaller than 54 gallons, though.
From Erin8D on 05/13/11
I adore this!
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