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55 Gallon Saltwater
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Name55 Gallon Saltwater
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock53 pounds of Carribean Live Rock
SumpPro-Series System 75 Gallon Wet/Dry with Rio 2500 sump pump
Power Head(s)Rio 2500 sump pump, Hydro Korlia 150 GPH Prop Pump
Protein SkimmerBuilt into Aquafuge refugium (PS Model)
InhabitantsFoxface, Clownfish, Blue Yellowtail Damsel, Black Tail Damsel, Yellowtail Damsel, Rectangular Triggerfish, Lunar Wrasse and one unknown fish
FiltrationPro-Series System 75 Gallon Wet/Dry with Rio 2500 sump pump, Aquafuge Refugium PS with 10 pounds of live sand, 3 pounds of Live Rock, and 6 Mangrove Saplings.
LightingVia Aqua light ballast with 8 T5 bulbs.
Temperature75 degrees (maintained by heater)
AccessoriesMarineland 45-75 gallon dual core heater.
FoodFrozen Brine Shrimp (cubed)
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