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75 Gallon Reef
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Name75 Gallon Reef
OwnerKeith Hotchkiss
Size75 Gallons
Live Rock60 lbs
Sump30 gallon sump
Power Head(s)Number 3 and number 1 power heads
Protein SkimmerNone
Calcium ReactorNone
Lighting SchedulePower Compact 6am to 8pm Metal Halide 4pm to 8pm
InhabitantsBlue Hippo Tang, Fire Goby, 2 Clown fish, Fire Shrimp, Neon Dotty Back, Blue Throat Trigger, Green Mandarin, Bullet Goby and a Yellow Tang
From pretzelsz on 02/25/10
The tank seems alittle small for tangs but cool(also more live rock wouldn't hurt)
From MoneyMitch on 10/22/09
need some closer shots cant see any inverts or corals at all!!!
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