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Lovista Castamera
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NameLovista Castamera
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish comprehensive
Inhabitants11 plant species. A Anubia Nana Petite, some Amazon Swords, some BroadLeaf Amazon Swords, some Java Ferns, a Red flame sword, some Cryptocorynes, some Rotala Rotundifolias, some Alternanthera reineckiis, some Red Ludwigia and two others unknown, About one hundred Acute Bladder snails--some are babies and children others are teens and grow-ups parents and grandparents.4 Glowfish Danios. 2 Assassin Snails and ONE Malaysian trumpet snail that came out of nowhere.
FiltrationEheim 2213 Classic
LightingLIFE-GLO T8 6700K Daylight
Temperature74-76 degrees
Decorartificial corals & plants and other decorations
AccessoriesFluval M150
FoodNew Life SPECTRUM Marine Formula, Ocean Nutrition Community Formula Flakes, Omega One Natural Protein Formula Super Color, Bloodworms, boiled shrimp, tilapia, peas and carrots and other snacks.
From SeaHorse on 04/14/11
Leogtr... that can't be a 20 Gal! Did you get a new tank? It looks huge! And you've done an amazing job with the plants.
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