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29 Bio Cube
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Name29 Bio Cube
Size29 Gallons
Live Rock70 pounds fiji rock
SumpBio cube sump
Power Head(s)none
Protein SkimmerBio cube add on skimmer
Calcium Reactornone
Controller/Timernone yet
Lighting Scheduleactinic on at 6 am, 10k on at 10am, 10k off at 6 pm, actinic off at 9 pm, moon light from 9 pm to 6 am
Dosing Schedulenone
Flow Rate??
Top Off Sourcenone
Inhabitantsone buble tip anenomne about 4 inch around, one colt tree leather, one toadstool leather, about 10 green and red polyps, and another not sure what its called, and a one true percula clown, and a blue regal tang (baby) yes I know they get to big for that aquarium 2 giant mexican turbo snails, 2 blue legged hermits, and one pepermint shrimp, and one sand sifting starfish
Filtrationbio cube built in wet/dry
Lightingcoralife actinic 03 blue and coralife 10k
FoodMicro vert, silversides, and marine flakes
From dramaqueen on 02/28/10
Nice tank and beautiful fish!!
From willieturnip on 12/02/09
Nice tank. What are you planning to do with the regal tang once it gets over a foot long?
From 6998 on 11/17/09
the tang is very nice
From terryap on 11/13/09
looks great!
From willow on 04/12/09
lovely tank,the fish are gorgeous.
From spammyann on 03/12/09
That is a lovely tank.
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