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Juwel 260
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NameJuwel 260
Size127 Gallons
Live RockMainly Indian Ocean
Power Head(s)2
Protein SkimmerV2 400
Sailfin Tang
Clown Fish
Melanurus Wrasse
Azure Damsel
Fluorescent Damsel x 2
Blue Leg Hermit (large)
4 Turbo Snails
Soldier Fish
FiltrationEhiem Classic
Aquaripure Filter (medium)
LightingLED marine white and blues
Temperature75 - 79
DecorLive rock with soft corals
FoodA mixture of Brine shrimp, Dillies, Krill
Marine granules, Marine pellets formula 1, Marine pellets formula 2
From eileen on 02/09/11
I love your tank.My husband wanted a salt water.I'm to scared to set one up because of cost and I know nothing about salt water tanks. Nice pics. It must be the showplace of your room that it is in.
From PRichs87 on 02/05/11
please set up a sw tank for me, this is really amazing. I am very impressed!
From Romad on 02/01/11
Nom nom! Loved the vid. Thx for sharing.
From LisaC144 on 01/31/11
Absolutely stunning! That snowflake eel is AWESOME!!
From aunt kymmie on 01/31/11
Wow. how much bigger will Mr. Snowflake get?? He's very active!
From Romad on 01/30/11
From aunt kymmie on 01/29/11
Great video! That hermit is HUGE!!
From willow on 01/29/11
From aunt kymmie on 01/29/11
Wow. Gorgeous tank. You take great pictures!!
From willow on 01/29/11
such lovely pics,yeah i voted too......FTS please. :)
From aunt kymmie on 01/29/11
Awesome pics, lovely fish. Nice work. I vote for a full tank shot!
From tanker on 01/28/11
Love your fish, they are just gorgeous. Love the photo of your eel poking his head out.
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