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Eel home
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NameEel home
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitantsone Fire eel about 13 inches, one black ghost knife about 6 inches long, one pink kissing guorami, and one common pleco about 4 inches long
Filtrationbio wheel 40 gal
Lightingcoral life actinic 03 blue and 10k
Decorfake diving helmet, and tree stump barrel
Accessories30 gal air pump, bubble wall, glass top (eel is an escape artist)
Foodalgea tablet, ghost shrimp (eel) frozen blood worms (ghost knife) and tropical flakes (guourami)
From Bichir on 01/05/10
All great fish, but they will need a larger tank. . . .
From wumpus on 04/20/09
very cool looking tank
From MBilyeu on 02/07/09
Cool looking tank!
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