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Cichlid tank
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NameCichlid tank
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsSpecies 44 - 1 Male - 3 Female
Yellow Tail Aceis - 5
Strawberry Peacocks - 4
OB Peacocks - 4
Electric blue Johanni - 3
Yellow Lab - 1
Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid - 2
Blue Lumps - 2
Red Zebra Cichlid - 1
Unknown Cichlids - 2
Filtration20 Gallon glass sump - DIY
Lighting2x18'' Sunglo
Temperature29.5C - 84.5F
Decor150 pounds of Slate rock.
AccessoriesHalf bubble wall
FoodOmega One Color Flakes
From Tracy Bird on 08/02/13
Good looking set up... That is some serious variety of cichlids - does everyone get along? I do love your set up...
From joefrommi65 on 04/13/13
very nice tank
From Bacon Is Good on 07/15/12
Super Great tank love the rock set up!!!
From Jayy on 10/19/11
Beautiful tank and fish!
From bruceaction on 03/30/11
you have a real nice group of fishes here,great
From jbonez on 02/14/11
nice tank bro i lke it alot
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