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Under Construction 100 Gallon
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NameUnder Construction 100 Gallon
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size72 Gallons
InhabitantsLargemouth Bass [1] 7 inches
Blue Gill [2]
"Murray" 7 inches
"Dottie" 2 1/2 inches [Just added 2/2/09]
Pleco [1]
Blue Lobster [1]

[There all In my 45 Gallon right now until the transfer over to the 100]

They have lived together for 9 months since they were all 2 inches.
FiltrationNone yet
LightingNone yet
DecorNone yet
AccessoriesNone yet
FoodNone yet
From james7139 on 08/30/10
From konstargirl on 07/21/10
The tank looks great so far.
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