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120 gal Reef Tank
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Name120 gal Reef Tank
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size120 Gallons
Live Rock100 lbs + 50 lbs Aquacultured Florida Rock
Sump29 gal - 36"x12"
Power Head(s)Mag Drive 1200 + 2 Koralia 2's
Protein SkimmerMarineland Marine Pro 300
Lighting Schedule68 Moonlights 8PM-11AM,
Dawn/Dusk 2 54W T5 420 Blue Actinic 11AM-12:30PM +6PM-8PM,
Daylight 2 54W T5 420 Blue & 4 54W T5 10K white 12:30PM-6PM
Dosing ScheduleLiquid Reef every other day
Flow Rate1200 gph Mag drive + 2 x 600 gph Koralia 2's
Inhabitantsasphur angel, hippo, kole & purple tang, royal gramma, lemonpeel angel, solar wrasse, 5 chromis, 2 percula clown, diamond goby , hover goby, yellow watchman, 3 orange anthais, 3 purple anthais, 2 purple firefish, 2 cleaner shrimp, 2 blood shrimp, 2 emerald crabs assorted hermits and snails.
Trumpet, cracked coral, sun coral, seafan, red-green-blue mushrooms. 3 leather corals, Pagota cup coral, star polups, carnations, SPS coral 2 frags
FiltrationSealife Systems RM300 Sump/Refugium
Lighting48" 8 x 54W T5 retrofit, 68 LED moonlights
Accessories500W titanium heater.
FoodFrozen krill, bloodworms, mysis shrimp, spiralina, formula 2, cyclopeeze flakes, clip on Marine Algae strips for angels and tangs.
From jbonez on 01/07/11
thats a niceee tank bro good job.
From willow on 03/01/09
absolutly beautiful !
From beweeb on 02/21/09
dude i love mini reefs like that ;)jk. It is awesome i like the variety of fish
From onefish2fish on 02/12/09
very nice!
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