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20G Fresh Water
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Name20G Fresh Water
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Honey Guarmi's
3 black skirt tetras
3 silver sailfin mollys
6 lemon tetras
FiltrationPengiun Bio-Wheel 200
Temperature78-82 degrees
DecorGravel, two sedimentary looking rocks, couple of fake plants
From CM1429 on 04/29/14
All this time I have been trying to fill my tanks with either more props or more plants and I see this and (inner though) "MINIMALIZE" This looks great!!!
From Fishhobbiest on 05/12/10
hey I love the tank! there is something about your tanks thats really different from alot of them i have seen. I think its the fact that they are so bare. but not like an ugly bare. its perfect idk lol its open and elegant
From dramaqueen on 03/15/10
Nice tank!
From veganchick on 03/16/09
looks great! I love the blue background!
From Mike on 03/03/09
I really like how you have the tank set up with the rocks on the sides surrounded by plant decor and the open space in the middle.
From finsNfur on 03/03/09
Very nice!
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