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Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Platy
6 Serpae Tetras
2 ea. 10 watt, CFL

Temperature78 deg. F
Decor2.2 Liter tank inside main tank
From SeaHorse on 07/06/11
I clicked on every picture trying to see closer... it looks cartoonish!! Very cool!!
From konstargirl on 06/10/10
So cute!!
From FishySuzy on 06/24/09
That mini tank is so cute! I love it!
From SinCrisis on 06/16/09
HAHA, that's a brilliant use of that space tank. I got a betta in one of those and i took my fish out immediatly and had no idea what to do with the space tank. This is a brilliant setup.
From wumpus on 04/19/09
I really like this tank. Is that space thing meant for aquariums because I constantly try to use other thing as decor and it never works
From Amphitrite on 02/10/09
What a unique and fantastic looking tank. Great job! :-)
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