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Ownersmall fry
Size30 Gallons
Live RockAbout 30lbs
Sump10g Sump
Power Head(s)1 Powerhead (250 GPH)
Inhabitants1 Humbug Damselfish
1 Blue Devil Damselfish
(note these damsels came with the tank and are only temporary)

1 Dwarf Blue-Leg Hermit Crab
1 Turbo Snail
3 Turban Snails
3 ??? Snails (unknown snail type 1)
3 ??? Snails (unknown snail type 2)
2 ??? Snails (unknown snail type 3)
1 ??? Snail (unknown snail type 4)
1 ??? Starfish
1 ??? Shrimp
--Afew colonies of unknown feather-duster species
--Afew nests of weird invert eggs
--1 million assorted baby snails
LightingNone yet. Looking for 36" 96W 50/50 bulb
DecorLive Rock, afew empty shells
AccessoriesSynthetic Marine Salt, Marine fish pellet food, Hydrometer, Heater, Overflow, etc.
FoodMarine Pellet Food
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