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Betta sorority
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NameBetta sorority
Size0 Gallons
Fertilizermulm impaction and aqueon "plant food"
Inhabitants8-11 betta female
2-4 fancy guppy female
2 molly male
2 bloodfin male
1 fancy guppy male
1 "chinese algae eater"
Filtration200+ gph bio-wheel
(currently a C-220 with Bio-Pro 60 kit)
(previously Emperor 280 with output baffles)
LightingAqueon 24w coralife
Temperature81 2 Hydor 50w IR
DecorOriental Gate
left side black 2mm crushed with grassy, fern and anubias
right side 6mm natural stone with apnogoten
FoodHikkari Fancy Guppy
Omega One freshwater flake
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