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"boy" tank
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Name"boy" tank
Size0 Gallons
Fertilizernatural soil bottom, impacted mulm and occasional aqueon "plant food"
InhabitantsOne male betta: this tank is used to accompany one male betta through his lifetime.
The additional fish entertain the betta, maintain the health of the tank and clean up any food he doesn't eat as well as make him feel important.
We commonly stock with a "rescue". Currently 'Goat' the finless survivor of a 3 way gladitorial matinee at walmart.
6-8 neon tetra
5-7 glow light tetra
2 cardinal tetra
6 Roberti "green fire" bloodfin
1 double albino neon tetra
1 albino black neon tetra
1 black neon tetra
FiltrationEmperor 280 with output baffles
Enclosed air-stone circulation pipe opposite end
Lightingtwo dual color screw type flourescents
Temperature77 3
Decornatural soil covered with 2mm crushed bio-stone then topped with red 8mm designer color gravel
Accessorieselectronic pH monitor, forced buffering to 7.3 by calcium guideline using discuss buffer and bicarbonate
FoodHikkari Fancy Guppy, Wardley natural large betta pellet, Hikkari standard betta pellet, Omega One fry flake
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