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the octagon
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Namethe octagon
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants1 dovii
6 jaguars
3 festae
1 red devil
1 green terror
1 umbee
i vieja (syn/bifa mix)
3 mayans
2 red hook SD
1 XL common pleco
Filtration2x fluval FX5
2x AC110 HOB (w/ custom plumbing by yours truely)
75g custom wet/dry sump
2x ac70 powerheads with quick filter attachment
2x turbotwist 9 UV sterilizer (powered by 2 smaller powerheads)
Lightingstandard ballast w/ 2 50/50 coralife bulbs
good ol sunlight (tanks outside)
Temperature78-82 deg year round. w/o a heater
Decorlarge pieces of driftwood (african and malaysian)
large river rocks
Foodpellets. too many to list
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