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Pirate Bay
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NamePirate Bay
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitants10 year old common pleco, baby bristle-nosed pleco, zipper loach, clown loach, 3 Tiger Barbs, two medium yellow snails and an upside-down catfish
FiltrationHuge penguin filter with bio wheel
Temperature70 right now as the heater broke.
DecorA few large rocks, two large pieces of driftwood and six small pieces, a large sword plant, a smattering of clover, lots of java moss, a moss ball, a few random short grasses planted in the gravel like sod and three tall grass-like plants.
FoodMixture of blood worms, mysis shrimp, veggie cubes and algae wafers.
From LADY K on 01/12/13
i think your tank looks awesome
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