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Community Tank
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NameCommunity Tank
Size47 Gallons
InhabitantsGuppies - Currently 2 m turquoise delta tails, yellow mixed with the blue on their bodies), 3 f (1 with dark blue tail with lighter patches/spots on the tails; 2 half-black bodies with orange tails- one with an arc of black lacy-looking spots near the edge of her tail). Mollies - 1m/1f silver lyre-tail; Platys - 3 red mickey mouse (2f, 1m), 3 neon black painted (1m, 2f), 2f sunset. Swordtails - 1f orange and white; 1m marigold. 3 otocinclus. Cories - 1m/1f emerald green; 3 peppered; 3 albino, gender unknown at this point.
FiltrationAqua Clear 70
Lighting18" flourescent tube
Temperature77-78 F
DecorLive plants - anubias, some tall things with long, skinny leaves, java fern, moss on some rocks; silk maidenhair fern and some soft plastic plants of unknown variety; several large and a bunch of smaller rocks; fake rock cave and shelves. Marbles, glass drops, river rock pebbles, etc. on top of the gravel.
Accessories150 watt Aqueon heater; a net, of course; reacher/grabber thing to move stuff around on the bottom; gravel vacuum; various buckets, sponges, etc., for cleaning and water changes; various measuring spoons and cups; a small "kritter keeper" for fish transfers and "photo booth;" the usual assortment of water conditioners, medications, etc.
FoodAqueon Tropical Flakes; TetraColor flakes; Tetra Tropical Flakes w/ shrimp; Aqueon algae tabs; Aqueon (I think) sinking shrimp pellets; fresh veggies (mostly peas, zucchini, spinach leaves, always organic); frozen bloodworms; frozen brine shrimp; two frozen mixtures of animal/vegetable foods.
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