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Tetra Tank
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NameTetra Tank
Size14 Gallons
InhabitantsI had 9 neon tetras, but 2 died. I plan to add 4 to 6 more, and will try one of my bettas with them. If he or they aren't happy with this arrangement, I will move him back out and maybe add a couple more neons. Also have had 2 to 4 otocinclus in the tank, but at the moment they are all in other tanks. I do plan to add 3 or 4 otocinclus back into the tank.
FiltrationAqueon 10 Power Filter, with filter floss and ceramic biofilter media added inside the filter chamber in addition to the Aqueon filter cartridge.
Lighting2 flouresent bulbs, one 7.5 watts, the other 10 watts.
Decordriftwood (2 pieces, one with moss attached), rocks, rock shelf, 2 banana lillies, 2 swords
AccessoriesAqueon 100 watt heater; the usual assortment of cleaning supplies; StressZyme and/or Aqua Safe + for water changes.
FoodSame variety as the Community Tank, but without the fresh veggies unless there are otos in the tank.
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