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Betta Tank
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NameBetta Tank
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsOne side has Arcadius, opaque white male betta, super delta or halfmoon - hard to tell, because just when he's healing up, he gets stressed out and munches on his tail or dorsal fin; other side has Octavius, royal blue/red/purple marble SD or halfmoon. Recently aquired, and he arrived with his fins and tail in pretty bad shape. Not sure how full they will be when they heal.
FiltrationUndergravel filter, with extra filter floss and ceramic biofilter media in the tubes. Parts of the tubes have been modified with plastic canvas and sponges to create sponge filters.
LightingMostly natural room lighting, with a lamp sitting on the table next to the stand holding the tank.
DecorEach side has rocks, marbles, and glass drops on top of mostly black and red gravel, anubias, and silk plants. The divider has moss on both sides, with silk plants in one area of one side. Arcadius also has a cave made from a glass votive candle holder.
AccessoriesAqueon 50 watt heater; the usual cleaning supplies, etc. Aqua Safe + and/or StressZyme water conditioner; aquarium salt at the moment, since both have tail/fin damage.
FoodAqueon betta pellets mostly, with occasional treats of frozen food or live guppy fry.
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