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Guppy Tank
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NameGuppy Tank
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants2 female guppies, one male platy. One of the females has a bent spine, and I don't think she'd handle a pregnancy too well, so I'm keeping her away from the boys. The other (see pictures) I want to breed, so I'm keeping her "virginal" until I'm ready to breed her. The male platy is much smaller than the other 2 male platys, and he is in this tank to prevent the others from harrassing him. He also seems to do better in a shallower tank. Also temporarily housing about 14 guppy fry that were born on 3/14/11, until they are big enough to sell to LFS.
FiltrationAqueon 10 Power Filter, with extra filter floss and ceramic biofilter media inside with the Aqueon filter cartridge.
Lighting2 cfl bulbs, each equivalent to 40 watts incandescent.
DecorRiver rocks, large rocks, plants - anubias, banana lily, java fern, moss-covered rocks; moss-covered driftwood; cave made from a votive candle holder.
Accessories50 watt Aqueon heater; thermometer; the usual cleaning supplies, water conditioners, etc.
FoodThe same variety as the Community Tank.
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